Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years @ AG For Everyone!

Hi! Remember how I said I'd have a photo-story up? Well here it is! The dolls were super excited for the new year and so am I! Here's to a great year of fun and prosperity!

Saige: It's almost new years!

Marie Grace: Are you guys excited?
Isabella: Yeah! Let's count down.... 3.... 2.... 1...

Everyone: It's 2016!

Saige: Happy new year Gracie!
Marie Grace: Happy new year Saige!

Saige: Happy new year my friends!

Isabella: Are you excited to meet Lea?
Saige: Absolutely. I can't wait to see her story unfold!!

Everyone: Happy new year from the AG For Everyone family to yours!!

Happy New Year and Welcome GOTY 2016!

Hi everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I was so excited to meet GOTY 2016 Lea Clark. She is absolutely adorable.

I can't wait to explore her collection!

PS: Later today I will have a photostory up. Keep checking!