Friday, June 27, 2014

News on GOTY 2015!

Note: I got all of this information on Doll Diaries and they got it from Living A Doll's LifeThis is not mine.

GOTY 2015 is code named Coco. Her grandparents have an ice cream store.


Pic cred: Doll Diaries

Sorry to all of you "Coco" fans, her story is boring. Kanani had an shaved ice shop, and ice cream is pretty similar. I have critized both Saige and Isabelle but once I saw them, I knew I had to have them. Maybe I will change my mind when I see her. But for now, I am a Grace Thomas fan! <3

Please vote for your favorite type of doll in the survey.


  1. I think the idea is pretty original, Kanani's story wasn't entirely about the shaved ice stand, and I personally am glad the story isn't focusing around sports, because almost all the girls of the year seem to be centered around sports, but I do agree the story could be better. I am a Grace Thomas fan, too, she looks so cute :D I voted on your poll :)

    1. Thank you :) I like Grace Thomas's collection, and I see where you are coming from with "Coco."

  2. I think that a good idea for a girl of the year would be a girl that lives in New York with her mom and her sister and she would be a singer/actress and she makes a musical with her friends she would have curly blonde hair blue eyes and her name would be Lucy


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