My Dolls

This is the page where you can meet my dolls!

Birthday: March 7, 2013
I'll admit that MG is my favorite doll (she is also my first AG and the first doll I did not traumatize) I didn't really like the personality the book gave her so I changed it dramatically so she is a mini-me. MG is a sassy, spunky girl who's got a ton of moxie. She will not hesitate to curse in French if you tick her off. She likes heavy metal, rock n' roll and modern pop and if you give her drumsticks, she'll play any song you want. She is an Azalean, a Diamond and most definitely a Queen. MG loves murder mysteries and Poirot is her favorite detective. Saige is her best friend and constant companion.

Birthday: March 19, 2013
Saige is my second doll, and I got her only two weeks after MG. I love her very much, though I almost didn't buy her. MG and Saige were my only two dolls for a full year, so they are inseparable. Saige is sensible, in contrast to MG's impulsiveness. Saige has saved MG from getting in trouble from more than one or two scuffles. Saige loves clothes and considers herself a fashionista. She reads a lot and is very conscientious-though MG has pulled her into many pranks. Saige enjoys long walks and eating ice-cream. Lots of ice-cream.

Birthday: January 9, 2014
Isabelle is my third doll, and I got her after a very successful swim meet (@Boston University). I think she is the only normal one in my doll family, but she too has her own quirks. She loves to dance, but she will only dance in one dance studio and in one theater. (She's the best dancer in her class, so the dance teacher is always catering to her) She is quite the actress, and can convince you she's someone she's not. She has stepped into her role as GOTY 2014, and even though her year has passed, she's still the GOTY to me.

Birthday: July 22, 2014
Eva is my fourth doll, and my first non-AG 18" doll. She loves a good mystery and is often found watching Forever with Marie-Grace. (It's their favorite show) She is a good sister to Saige, and they have a very tight bond (one I wish I had). Eva is the only doll with truly curly hair in my doll family. Her middle name is not for Lanie GOTY 2010 (who I wish I had) but for Lanie from the ABC show Castle.

Birthday: February 16,  2015
Collette is my fifth doll, and the first doll I got on my birthday. Collette's personality is yet to surface, since she's so new. I think everyone is quite fond of her though.

She's my friend's doll, and she's sort of a rent-a-doll. (She lets me borrow Lissie) I think she looks like a very out going doll, but more on her personality as it develops!

Well, that's it for my dolls!
Thanks for reading!


  1. ☆★♡♥Bridget♥♡★☆July 16, 2014 at 2:35 PM

    i♥your dollies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have 1 more than me and we both have Isabelle!!!!!!:P (pretty weird right :D )

    1. ☆★♡♥Bridget♥♡★☆July 18, 2014 at 2:55 PM

      i have just 2 random questions:: what doll do you want next? ,and do you want a cosimized boy doll?

    2. I want Samantha next and a customized boy doll would be pretty awesome! Who do you want next?

  2. ☆★♡♥Bridget♥♡★☆July 19, 2014 at 1:22 PM

    i really want MAG#61 and i also want to customize Caroline to #61's wig , and i agree a boy doll would be awesome

  3. Isabelle just wanted me to tell you that she tho ks your awesome because you also have her :) **June**

    1. Thanks! Tell Isabelle my Issy says hello!

  4. Cute dolls! I have Marie-Grace too!


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