Thursday, July 31, 2014

Camp AG For Everyone: Week 1 Results and Week 2 Challenge

A huge congrats to our campers: Green Tomato Doll Studios and Small Town American Girlz! You all did awesome, I loved all of your photostories.

Now please vote for your favorite photostory in the poll! (That means you!)

You can view all the photostories in the links below.

Small Town American Girlz Ginny's or June's
(There are two stories made by Small Town American Girlz, you can vote for on or the other)

Happy Voting!!

Now for our Week 2 challenge:
Take a pic of your doll in your favorite sports outfit! Vote for your favorite next week! And be sure to add the camp button if you participate!

Here is an example of a sports outfit:

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Olympic Stadium, The Biodome, Insectorium, Botanical Garden and More

Yay! Today we're going to a ton of awesome places!

I accidentally deleted a couple pictures so here goes:

I first rode the elevator up the side of the Olympic Tower.

Then we got VIP access to see the Olympic Pool.

We also saw the diving boards!

And the posters

Then, we went to the Insectorium.


Then the Botanical Garden.

Then the Biodome. The Biodome is an environment that is like a habitat. There were at least seven habitats.

I had a great day! How was yours?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Old Montreal

I am so excited for today! My family and I are going to an awesome place: Old Montreal!

We went to Vieux Port.

It means:

I saw this awesome contraption there!

I also saw Peur Depot: Fear Place. I didn't go in xD

I just thought this building was beautiful!

I also witnessed a TV interview!

The Chapel

King Tut was on display!

The clock tower! I chickened out at the top, so I didn't go xD My mom did though

Fake beach= AWESOME!!

A bagpipe player in the old town

An obelisk in the old town

A little girl on a stroller was bouncing around on these bumpy cobblestones. OUCH!

All the mailboxes look like this

Isn't Old Montreal pretty?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Arrival In Canada

I have arrived in Montreal! It is raining so much! :(

Our hotel room is on the top floor.

This is from the bottom floor.

The waiting room.

Everything is in French!

Are you from Canada? :)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Daily Star News: Issue 3


By Dollympics547

Sorry that The Daily Star News is late this week! Better late than never… Enjoy!

Canada Vacation!!

By Marie Grace Gardener

Dollympics547 is going to Montreal, Canada! It's too bad us dolls couldn't go. So she is going to be posting a lot about Canada when she gets back! Until then, check out our blog The Spring Hill Dolls. Thanks!!

Isabelle Movie Party

By Isabelle Palmer and Eva Copeland

We're super excited for the premier of Isabelle's movie on August 9th! It's a bit weird that it's on Disney Channel, but who really cares right? Erin Pitt stars.

We can't wait for Isabelle's movie!
Have you gone to an AG movie premier?

Ask Saige

Does you or you or doll have a problem? Ask Saige!

Dear Saige,
I am always super hungry but my sister is always eating the cookies! What do I tell her?
-Cookie Lover

Cookie Lover,
That situation sounds familiar (hint, hint, Eva please save me a cookie). You might want to me a cookie hoarder! That might sound weird, but it always works for me!

Dear Saige,
My best friend has become so mean! She never talks to me anymore. Please help!

Poor you! I think that calls for a new friend. Try to reconnect with your friend when she's ready. But you don't have to suffer with her!

That's all the time we have for today! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fetch A Friend Sweepstakes

I just entered the Fetch a Friend Sweepstakes! If I win, I really want the doll below. I'm not sure what number she is.
I would name her Bellatrix Mercedes Wexler.

I'm super excited for:

Did you enter?

The Spring Hill Dolls

My dolls wanted a doll blog of their own! So, I made The Spring Hill Dolls! Please check it out!!! :)

Dolls: Come check us out!

PS: this is the best glitch ever! Saige's page was still up in January!!