Friday, July 25, 2014

Hotel Domino: A Beverly Hills Vacation!

Well, this week I'm going to Canada and leaving my dolls here. They didn't want to be left out of the vacation fun. So, Saige came up with a great idea: a stay-cation. Me and my awesome grandma made a hotel. This is a photo story about my dolls moving in before camp.

Saige: Okay girls, we need to pick a location of the house to stay in.
Marie Grace: How about this room?

Saige: What's that?

Dollympics547: Presenting Hotel Domino! Say thank you to Grandma.

Dolls: Thank you!
Grandma: Your welcome. Now go and enjoy Hotel Domino!

Isabelle: I call first floor!

Tanya: Second floor was made for me!

Eva: Come on Saige! Third floor is calling us!!

Marie Grace: Lucky me! I get the top floor!

My dolls love Hotel Domino!! I made it out of shoe boxes (third floor is the box our toaster came in!) and first floor is made of a locker shelf. Hope you enjoyed Hotel Domino as much as my dolls!


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