Monday, May 26, 2014

Doll Sized Items!

Hi everyone! I just love finding doll sized items in stores-for a bargain! Here are some cute doll sized items! I got all of these at my school's store, but you could probably find them at Staples or other office stores.

First, the adorable stapler.

This stapler is so cute! It also actually works!

Here is Saige demonstrating how to use the stapler.

Next up, the little iPods!

These are the most adorable erasers!

I got two!
Next up, IPhone!

It is so cute!

Isabelle: Let me take a selfie……

Last, a doll sized purse.

So cute!

Tanya (my Corralle Girls Doll) loves it!

Well, that is all the doll items I will show you today. Keep loving dolls!