Sunday, August 3, 2014

GOTY 2015??

I saw an ad in the paper that had AG in it!!

I don't know if she is "Coco" but she is pretty!

  • Her name is Jazzy
  • We don't know much about her
  • If she were a doll, she would look like this:

Here's a little flashback to my older post:

Note: I got all of this information on Doll Diaries and they got it from Living A Doll's LifeThis is not mine.

GOTY 2015 is code named Coco. Her grandparents have an ice cream store.


Pic cred: Doll Diaries

I hope that there is finally an African American doll!

Also: I'm changing The Spring Hill Dolls into a full time Daily Star News website. I think you will like it!


  1. Ooh she is really pretty!!! She kinda looks like a MAG #58 with hazel eyes, I really like that combo ♥ I'm really hoping that she's what the new GOTY looks like!!!


    1. Me too! I hope that they make her a disabled doll.

  2. Yes! GOTY 2015 should definitely look like that! :D

    ~ Mint

  3. I'm glad that AG is starting to have GOTYs that are different than some of the retired ones. She looks like she'll be really pretty!:)

  4. its not it its about a nine year old girl who wants to start a busness but she has to go to paris

  5. I actually got to see a picture of her today!!! She is ADORABLE! She has black hair (long with bangs) blue eyes and is wearing a cute skirt with a white top that has a Paris theme picture on it along with really cute boots! Can't wait for her to get here!!

    1. Awesome! What website did you see her on?


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