Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's Official: AG Is Retiring 4 Dolls

AG has dissapointed us: retiring Marie Grace and Cecile only 3 years after their debut! Not to mention the now friendless Kit and Julie now that Ivy and Ruthie are retiring too. It's just not fair! Here is a little photo story to show our disgust.

     Saige: What's wrong Marie Grace?

       Marie Grace: I'm being retired!!

Saige: I have an idea! How about we 
have a protest? I'll get Issy involved too!

     Marie Grace: Thanks Saige! You're such a good friend!

      Isabelle:Hey guys! Ready for the protest? I made us a sign!!

              Saige: Thanks, Issy!!


I don't think AG heard our cheering!! Comment if you think Marie Grace, Ivy, Cećile and Ruthie should not be retired!


  1. I don't think Marie-Grace, Ivy, Cecile, and Ruthie should be retired, either :( Good luck with you protest, Marie-Grace, I hope AG listens to you :)

    1. Me too. :( It was fun to do the photo story though! :) Do you have any of the dolls (Ivy, Ruthie, Cecile or Marie Grace)?

    2. Sadly, no, but I hope to get Ivy before she sells out!

    3. I hope you can get her! That would be great. :)


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