Sunday, June 29, 2014

Build A Bear Workshop Clothes Fit AG!

BABW (Build a Bear Workshop) clothes fit AG! With a little altering, your doll will have a (cheaper) new look!

The tutu is from BABW!

The dress is a Christmas dress from BABW. No altering needed on this one!

Everything is from BABW except for the boots and pants!

Special thank you to, Shelby Grace for your nice comments!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Isabelle's Movie

I am super excited for the premier of Isabelle's movie! It is called Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight.
Erin Pitt (above) stars as Isabelle. She is a Canadian starring in an American Girl movie! This has got to be a first.

The movie cover!

Do you think this outfit will be in the movie?

Isabelle: Peace out! I'm ready to watch my movie!

I am super excited for Isabelle's movie! Are you going to attend a movie premie at an AG store?

News on GOTY 2015!

Note: I got all of this information on Doll Diaries and they got it from Living A Doll's LifeThis is not mine.

GOTY 2015 is code named Coco. Her grandparents have an ice cream store.


Pic cred: Doll Diaries

Sorry to all of you "Coco" fans, her story is boring. Kanani had an shaved ice shop, and ice cream is pretty similar. I have critized both Saige and Isabelle but once I saw them, I knew I had to have them. Maybe I will change my mind when I see her. But for now, I am a Grace Thomas fan! <3

Please vote for your favorite type of doll in the survey.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Releases!

I just looked at my good friend Oh My Dollies's website and found that she had posted the new releases from AG! Here are my two favorites. You can see the rest on her website is the link above.

The new MAG!

Isabelle's new outfit! 

There are many more outfits and also new colors for highlights! You can see them all on Oh My Dollies's website.

Grace Thomas: AG's New Historical

AG is adding a new doll to the historicals! While it is sad that four historical dolls are being retired for her, a new face is always welcome! Here are my findings on the mysterious "Grace Thomas."

#1: What She Looks Like

I have to admit Grace is pretty cute! I just might have to get her...

#2: Her Time Period

Most sources say she's from the 50s.

#3: Her Collection

Her collection is classic 50s! It is all so adorable!
Pic cred: Superdollies on Instagram

This is my favorite outfit.

That is all we know right now. I will post updates when I get them.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

AG Fakes: What's Real And What's Not

Some people post fake pics of AG Girl Of The Year dolls online. Some people even make fake dolls! Here's how you can tell the difference.

#1: Fake Girl Of The Year Pics

As you can see, Delta Simpson fooled many people. But if you look closely, you'll see Delta's meet outfit is just one of AG's MAG outfits. She is just a MAG.  NOW, IT'S GAME SHOW TIME! Let's see if you can guess the fake Girl Of The Year!




If you guessed C, you are right!

#2: Counterfeit Dolls on EBay and Amazon

Stephenwodadancer's You Tube video clearly explains how to tell the difference between counterfeit and real AG dolls. You can view it in the link above.

The key points she mentions are:

#1: Eyes

Stephenwodadancer says that "her eyes bug out"

The one on the left is the fake.

#2: Eyelashes

Stephenwodadancer mentions that her eyelashes don't cover her entire eye.


#3: Skin Material

She says that the doll's skin doesn't feel like vinyl. It is way too hard.

Here Stephenwodadancer is tapping the doll.

#4: Placement of Company Name

She mentions that the placement of "Pleasant Company" is way too high up.

It's a little hard to see, but it is really high up.

#5: Watermark

I'm not exactly sure what that means, so watch the video for an explanation.

Look where she is pointing, that is the watermark.

There are other points too that Stephenwodadancer talks about in the video, but these are the outer features.

Now you know how tell a counterfeit doll from a real American Girl doll!

BeForever: Fresh or Flop?

I don't know what to think about AG's new BeForever line of dolls and books. So, I decided to do a This Or That. I got inspired by American Girl Fan's This Or That. Okay, let's begin! Comment your choices!

                Old Kit's book


       New BeForever Kit's book


Old Samantha's book


New BeForever Samantha's book


  Old (sort of) Caroline's book


New BeForever Caroline's book


Old Rebecca's book


New BeForever Rebecca's book


Old Kaya's book


New BeForever Kaya's book


Old Julie's book


New BeForever Julie's book


Old Addy's book

New BeForever Addy's book

Let's see your answers!! (Sorry. I couldn't find Josefina's BeForever book)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's Official: AG Is Retiring 4 Dolls

AG has dissapointed us: retiring Marie Grace and Cecile only 3 years after their debut! Not to mention the now friendless Kit and Julie now that Ivy and Ruthie are retiring too. It's just not fair! Here is a little photo story to show our disgust.

     Saige: What's wrong Marie Grace?

       Marie Grace: I'm being retired!!

Saige: I have an idea! How about we 
have a protest? I'll get Issy involved too!

     Marie Grace: Thanks Saige! You're such a good friend!

      Isabelle:Hey guys! Ready for the protest? I made us a sign!!

              Saige: Thanks, Issy!!


I don't think AG heard our cheering!! Comment if you think Marie Grace, Ivy, Cećile and Ruthie should not be retired!