Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Camp Jewell!

Oh no…. So for a sort of get to know each other activity, my grade is going on a three day/two night long field trip. Last time we did this sort of thing was in 5th grade and I had known everyone for at least 6 years. I'm kind of worried that I'll have to share a bunk with idiots (they're assigned :/ ugh) and with my luck, I'll have to share a bunk with the two Issy/Izzys and this annoying goody two shoes goth named Emma. Well, whatever. I'll just have to live with it. The worst part is I can't even blog! I don't know how I will survive this. Plus, my favorite uncle is coming over and I'll only have one evening to spend with him. Oh well. At least it's only for two days.

PS: On the bright side; it's outdoors. It'll be a little time to get away from the human race.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A New Nickname For Isabelle

Hey! Sorry for two posts in one day. (The other post is more important. Please check it out! It's about a meet-up that I know you all can make!) Well, this is sort of personal and sort of not.

Anyway here's the story/rant!

It was two weeks ago when I accidentally wore something borderline out of dress code (let me say that private school is not cool!) Two stupid girls named Isabelle said that I was not in dress code when they were clearly out of dress code. That seriously ticked me off. So, since one of them was named Issy (Isabelle's old nickname) and the other was Izzy, I think Isabelle need a new nickname. So I was thinking that you get to pick!

It can be:

~And as you can tell I need more ideas! Comment, comment, comment!


PS: Here's a sort-of funny picture of Isabelle pretending to be in the video "Black Widow"

(Sorry for blurriness)

AG Fan Meet-Up 2014

Hey everyone! Loren from Happy House Of AG had this really great idea of having a meet-up!

All the details are here. But here's a brief summary (copied from Loren's blog):

It wouldn’t be at an AG store or anything like that. It would just be something where you could meet other AG fans in your area.
AG Fan Meet-up 2014 Button
It’ll be on October 9th, all day. Just wear a blue shirt and your hair in a bubble braid. So, on October 9th, if you see a girl wearing a blue shirt and a bubble braid, don’t be afraid to say hi! She may very well be an AG fan.
Please post about this on your blog! I would absolutely love to meet each and every one of you. If you plan on attending, please tell me! I’d love to know. Also, put the AG Fan Meet-up 2014 button on your blog’s sidebar.
Here are the details again:
When: October 9th, all day
Where: wherever you are
Why: to meet other AG fans in your area
How do we find you: wear a blue shirt and your hair in a bubble braid
Here's an example of a bubble braid.

Thank you, and please post about this on your blog!
If you live in Connecticut you might see me! (Only since I have pixie cut hair, I be wearing a name tag that identifies me as Dollympics547)

Hope to see you!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Confessions: A Photo-Shoot With Marie-Grace

I realized that I hadn't taken many pictures of Marie-Grace or Eva. So, here's a photo-shoot of lovely Marie-Grace. (Something Eva related coming soon) Also, sorry for sort of neglecting Sarah Sockett and The Daily Star News. I've had no time for two things that time consuming! So, here's my solution, The Daily Star News will happen once every month on the first Sunday of that month. (That probably won't work out, but it's worth a shot) And for Sarah Sockett, yeah, I still don't know what to do.

Anyway; here's the shoot!

My secret spot

Perfect spying spot!

Maybe I should have called this photo-shoot "Up In A Tree"

Doll sized lampost!

Slidin' down the railing!

Our new light fixture finally came!

My favorite picture!

Hope you liked the shoot!


PS: My Grandma sewed the dress!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer Sun Photo Shoot With Saige

Happy Rosh Hashanah everyone! (Isabelle and Tanya are Jewish so they reminded everyone) Anyway, this photo-shoot was supposed to be in summer and now it's autumn, but whatever.

Here's the photo-shoot!

This one is my favorite!

Mission Impossible!

I'm in jail!

Ouch! That's hot!

Let It Go!

Hope you liked my photo-shoot!


PS: I made the shirt! I don't know how to sew so I tied it with a karate belt from BABW. (Build A Bear Workshop)