Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th of July Slumber Party!

Isabelle decided to start a tradition. She is going to have a 4th of July Slumber Party!

Isabelle: Is everyone here?

Saige: Here!

Marie Grace: Present!

Tanya: Yo!

Isabelle: Now we can start the party!

Tanya: What are we doing first?

Isabelle: It's DANCE PARTY TIME! Everyone strike a pose!

Marie Grace: What's next?

Isabelle: Hide and Seek!

1..........10! Hope you all are hiding!

Marie Grace: She'll never find me here!

Saige: I'm safe!

Tanya: Hope she doesn't look here!

Isabelle: Found you!
Saige: Ahhhh!

Isabelle: Boo!
Marie Grace: Ahhhhh!

Isabelle: Tanya wins! She gets to choose what we do next!

Tanya: Let's tell scary stories!

Saige: Ooh ooh ooh! Me first! I'm going to wear my glasses so my flashlight reflects off of it!

Saige: It was a dark and stormy night...

My dolls had a great time at Issy's party! What did your dolls do on 4th of July?


  1. I love your photostory, it's so adorable :D I love how you made the beds from AG doll boxes :) What kind of doll is Tanya? She so beautiful! My dolls are going to a fireworks show with me tomorrow :D

    1. Tanya is from a company called Coralle. I will post how to make the bunk bed soon! :)


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