Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Old Montreal

I am so excited for today! My family and I are going to an awesome place: Old Montreal!

We went to Vieux Port.

It means:

I saw this awesome contraption there!

I also saw Peur Depot: Fear Place. I didn't go in xD

I just thought this building was beautiful!

I also witnessed a TV interview!

The Chapel

King Tut was on display!

The clock tower! I chickened out at the top, so I didn't go xD My mom did though

Fake beach= AWESOME!!

A bagpipe player in the old town

An obelisk in the old town

A little girl on a stroller was bouncing around on these bumpy cobblestones. OUCH!

All the mailboxes look like this

Isn't Old Montreal pretty?


  1. Montreal looks like a very interesting place! You're so lucky!

    1. :) I guess I am... Thanks for all the nice comments!

  2. It's so pretty there!!! I hope you continue to enjoy your trip!



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